There’s something absolutely magical about paper. I wander into Barnes and Noble at least once a week, sometimes every five days in a row. Why? It’s a beautiful assault to the senses. Picking up a physical book and feeling its weight in your hands is something you just can’t get from reading on an iPhone or eReader. Sure, Nooks and Kindles have weight, but can you really feel the story inside an electronic device? Somehow, I think you can feel it in paper. Ruffling through the chapters, taking in that new book smell, listening to the swish of a page turning… it’s spellbinding.

I say this as both a reader and a writer, because in about a week I will finish the first draft of THE CARVER. Getting to “the end” (I put this in quotes because the carver’s story is just beginning, there’s a definite trilogy about to be carved out of this thing!) makes me think of the experiences I’ve been having with revising POSITIVE PIZZA. The story was in my head for a long time. Then it was in a Word Doc. But it didn’t really come to life until it hit paper. It has yet to be published, yet to see binding, but when I saw all my writing printed out and staring back up at me, that’s when it all felt worth it. Of course, that’s also when the real work began (12 revisions later, there are still things to work on), and revisions can be very daunting, but why give up? Why give up something that’s already taken physical form and been infused on paper?

I can’t wait to get to start marking up the manuscript for THE CARVER!

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