Permission to freak out yet?

The official release of The Carver may still be five months away (but who’s counting?), but I want to freak out NOW. Because this.


This is a little sliver of what you’re going to see on the cover of The Carver! I may or may not have seen the whole thing already, and I may or may not have reacted like this:

In the middle of my work day and everything.

I can’t share any more about it until April 20th, but just know that this author is ecstatic right now. I’ve dreamed of seeing my name on a book cover since the “Jake the Snake” era, and my head was filled with visions about what that cover might look like. This one did not let me down in any way (unless it matters that my jaw fell down to the ground).

So for now, I’ll leave you to wonder for a bit longer about what awaits you in the world of The Carver. The cover sums it up quite nicely, and I can’t wait for you to see it! It’s going to be the adventure of a lifetime!

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