Love According to Pietro Volo

A lesson on love from Mr. Peter Pan himself:

“If there’s one thing family understands, it’s love, Kid. I know how much your dad loves you, and I know how much you love your dad. You know why? Because I love Zack to pieces, and I know he feels the same about his mom and me. He didn’t have to say it every day. He didn’t have to really say it ever. In fact, there were days when ‘I hate you’ was the kid’s favorite thing to say. But I always knew the truth . . . Because you see, love between family members, or friends, or lifelong sweethearts? It’s more than words. If there’s one thing I can tell you for damn sure”—Pietro pounded the table to drive his point—“your father knows you love him, too.”

Happy Valentine’s Day, my friends! (And of course, if you want to hear more of Pietro’s wisdom, plan on reading his whole life story later, starting with The Carver. Pietro may be the wisest man I know, despite being about 12-years old at heart.)

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