The Art of Waiting

Friends! We’re an actual handful of days away from the cover reveal for THE CARVER! Ever since mid-February, I’ve had the hardest, most agonizing time keeping this under wraps, and on Wednesday, I can finally show the world! But these final five days are going to be excruciating. It’s like standing in a line to get on Space Mountain, and you’re finally in the shade and standing about 50 people away from the entrance to the building, and then the line starts moving again and you’re like “yaaassss!” and the line guy is counting people and waving them along and then you get right up to the line guy and then he’s like “Halt!”, and suddenly you’re literally standing one person away from the magic and it’s the longest part of the line. Amiright though?!

I mean, how did I ever survive those agonizing days of querying agents and publishers and waiting for responses, some of which could take up to six months for a simple “I’m not a good fit for this?”

How do we ever entertain ourselves?

How do we keep our composure?

Welp, luckily we don’t have to wait much longer, but there’s not much time for you to join the party!

That’s right! Wednesday, from 6PM-9PM EDT, the cover reveal party is going to happen so hard! There will be games, giveaways, authors, and prizes! I should know – I’m giving away something pretty awesome and desirable 🙂

Hope to get to know some of you and to hear/read your reactions to the cover next week! I already know what it looks like and I immediately fell in love, so this day is entirely for you. Until then . . . we can always be thankful to have good ol’ Jack to entertain us:

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