Drum roll please…

So, we’ve waited together, we’ve laughed together, and we have GROWN. We are more patient, more fantastic, more complete people now as a result of waiting for this wondrous day to arrive, and this day is cover day!

When I saw this two months ago, my mouth dropped open. In the middle of my workday. I almost couldn’t contain my excitement. How impossible has it been to keep this under wraps?

So without further ado, I’m excited to present the cover of The Carver!:



Honestly, I couldn’t have dreamed up a better image to convey the tone and the content of this story, which has become so near and dear to my heart over the past 16 months or so. Knowing that the cover is circulating online now makes it all a little bit more real, and I’m excited for you all to take this “road trip” with me, Crescenzo, and Peter Pan!!!

By the way, I’m a huge Kingdom Hearts fan, and I’m calling this my “cover music” 🙂 don’t listen to more than about 1:45 because it loops a bunch of times after that!

We also have a Rafflecopter going for some great prizes! Check it out and enter, and be sure to visit Blaze and check out all the books they’re releasing this year!

The countdown begins! In the meantime, what do you think of this cover?!

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