Interview with The Fortuneteller

When I was scheduling interviews with the characters of The Carver, I was really excited to reach out to today’s guest. I had an email drafted to invite her to talk to you all, but this lady is truly a curious character…

fortune teller art 3d wiggle gypsy

Usually, it’s pretty standard to wait up to 48 hours for an email response, right? Well, get this. I didn’t even click send on the email, and then this email came in:

Dearest Mr. Devlin,

Yes. Madame Esme would be honored to join you and your readers on Sunday, June 12. Thank you for inviting me!

ALL the love ❤

Madame Esme

So I guess it didn’t really surprise me when she came in and started answering questions before I even asked them.

Esme: Fine and happy! You are, too, I perceive. Now, Madame Esme thought she’d save you some time this day. She foresaw all questions you plan on asking me, so why don’t you allow her to address them right away?

Jacob: Really? You already know the questions I’m going to ask?

Esme: But of course! It isn’t so difficult to discern the knowledge you require from Madame Esme. She doesn’t require the gift in order to figure it out. For you see, you nearly always begin by asking the same question of all of us.

Jacob: No, I don’t…

Esme: Where is Madame Esme at the start of The Carver? What does she want the readers to know about herself? Hmm?

Jacob: Wow, you’re good. Okay, um, let’s start there, I guess.

Esme: At the dawn of The Carver, Madame Esme is purchasing a new smart phone.

Jacob: Interesting… even I didn’t know this, and I wrote you!

Esme: You still have much to know about the universe, Mr. Devlin. However, as long as Madame Esme has her phone, she knows all, past, present, and future!

Jacob: It seems like that would be quite a weight on your shoulders. I’m not sure I’d be able to handle all that. How do you juggle knowing the past and future while living in the present at the same time?

Esme: Through the ancient art of mindfulness. Madame Esme learns many things, but she learned long ago that once she has seen the future, she cannot influence the outcome. The only thing we have the power to control is the moment at our fingertips: the present.

Jacob: Okay, so walk me through this. Let’s say I learn that tomorrow, I’m going to have a barbecue dinner with my family.

Esme: Very good! Do you also possess the gift, Mr. Devlin?

Jacob: Uh, no, that was a total guess, actually… Anyway, let’s say that tomorrow, I’m destined to have that dinner with my family. You told me that I can control the present. Why can’t I do something in the present that will change my dinner plans tomorrow? Preorder a pizza, or something?

Esme: The laws of the universe are not for us to know, Mr. Devlin. If it is written in the cosmos that you are to have a barbecue dinner with your family tomorrow, then so it shall be. I cannot predict why. Perhaps your local pizza parlor will have a fire. Or maybe your driver will get stuck in traffic. I advise you not to chance it with Lady Fortune.

Jacob: Yikes… no need to convince me further! Alright, ma’am, I have some rapid fire questions for you now. You’ll never see these coming!

Esme: Coffee. Chocolate. Arrow. Majestic purple. Neither Coke nor Pepsi. Team Pietro.

Jacob: Honestly, I’m stunned right now.

Esme: *satisfied grin*

Jacob: While I have this wonderful opportunity to talk to somebody who can see the future, I have a very important question for you. It’s about the rest of the trilogy!

Esme: Mr. Devlin, Madame Esme must advise you to think before you make your query. People go mad when they dance with Lady Fortune. Do you really want to know the date of your death, knowing that you cannot change or prevent it? If Madame Esme tells you the name of your future spouse, you will never have the pleasure of dating and wondering what could be. Uncertainty is the engine of adventure, Mr. Devlin!

Jacob: Wow. Deep words, Madame Esme. I’m gonna have to contemplate them for a while. I’m not sure if I’m ready to know the answer to my question anymore…

Esme: A wise decision indeed.

Jacob: Here’s a better question: do you think readers are going to enjoy this story?

Esme: Madame Esme has no doubt. The Carver is full of adventure, and she is thrilled to play a role in it. Mr. Devlin, if you should continue the story, and indeed you shall, Madame Esme would be honored to return.

Jacob: I’m sure you already know whether or not you’ll be back! But anyway, of course! You’re far too interesting to forget. I’m in awe of you, ma’am. Thanks for saying hey to all the readers out there!

Friends, it’s summer, and where I live, it’s 113 degrees. It kinda makes me want to crawl into a hole and stay there until winter. You know who else went down a hole once upon a time? I hope you do, because we’ll be talking to her next week! I’m so excited, I could do like this guy:

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