The Guardian of the Old World

Well, friends, we are getting down to the final stretch in waiting for The Carver‘s release! We’ve heard from most of the key players, we’ve adventured through Nashville and braved thunderstorms, and throughout this wait, we have grown together! And so it’s definitely  fitting that we hear from the character who helped Peter Pan, Pinocchio, and Alice grow up in the first place. I want to warn you first. Violet’s a little strange. I never knew somebody so morally gray could be so purple. She kinda looks like this:

I’ve been looking forever for the name of the artist who did this… when I find it, I’ll update this because they rock!

Jacob: So tell the readers, Violet: What’s your story? What’s your role in The Carver, and where are you when it starts?

Violet: I’m the fairy guardian of the Old World. Technically I’m a princess–informally acting as the queen, but I tend not to think of it that way. I just keep an eye on things and make sure the people of Florindale are living in peace.

Jacob: Which of course leads to a great question: Are they living in peace?

Violet: Hmmm, mostly. But there are of course some rascals to watch out for. Am I allowed to say who?

Jacob: Sure, why not?

Violet: *sigh* I feel rather uneasy about Hansel these days. I fear he may not be himself.

Jacob: I actually interviewed him a few months ago. It was… interesting. You’ve known him for a long time, haven’t you?

Violet: Yes. It was I who delivered the news to him about his sister’s disappearance many years ago.

Jacob: That couldn’t have been a pleasant conversation for either of you.

Violet: The most difficult part was his silence. I think the poor man was in shock for a while. It almost would’ve been easier if he had screamed or shouted at me. Now, I feel like he’s always stabbing me with his eyes.

Jacob: Do you think he blames you? Maybe we should back up: What in the world happened to Gretel?

Violet: I’m not emotionally prepared, nor am I at liberty to discuss Gretel’s fate.

Jacob: You must have known I was going to bring this up, Violet. You’re one of the final interviews before The Carver launches. The readers are itching for a preview!

Violet: I’m sorry, Mr. Devlin, but I will say no more on Gretel. What else would you like to know?

Jacob: Lame… Why don’t you tell me about the Order of the Bell, then?

Violet: I do rather enjoy this topic. You’ve met them all, yes?

Jacob: I have. Is it true that you assembled them? How did you get so lucky as to get a hold of Hua Mulan, Merlin, Captain Hook, and the others?

Violet: The Order of the Bell has existed since before my birth, but I assembled this particular group many years ago. We had some problems to fix in Florindale. Dragons had become a bit of an issue. There was a beast terrorizing the Woodlands and devouring children. Giants were our biggest problem–no pun intended.

Jacob: So when things get out of hand, you call on them to save the world. Do you feel like you’ll get to do that any time soon?

Violet: One hopes it wouldn’t be necessary. It has to be a catastrophic danger for me to ask them for help. To give you some perspective, do you remember what happened to Snow White long ago?

Jacob: Are you referring to the incident with her stepmother? The poison and whatnot?

Violet: Yes. That was devastating. But even that wasn’t big enough to get the Order of the Bell involved. Sure, everybody had a small role in saving Snow and making sure she got justice. But the bulk of the work fell to other names. Prince Liam and the seven miners. Oh, I should mention that Hansel may have been involved as well. He tends to be left out of these stories, eclipsed by bigger names… that poor, poor man.

Jacob: Do you mind if I ask you one more question?

Violet: Ask away, my dear.

Jacob: What are you doing on July 19th?

Violet: Logging onto Facebook for your release day party, of course! There will be fireworks and cake and frolicking, yes?

Jacob: Whatever you want, Miss Violet! Tell me what you want and I’ll write it up for you. That’s what Authors do!

Violet: May the light be with you, Lore Master!

So she wasn’t so bad after all, right? I just keep on wondering what happened to Hansel and Gretel… Luckily, we’re only about 10 days away from the answer! *cues up Europe’s The Final Countdown*

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