The Author Insider Summit

Happy Monday!

This week I want to invite you all to something special that’s taking place throughout the rest of the month of August. The Author Insider Summit is coordinated by author Kris Hack, and it was such an honor to participate in one of her interviews for the summit. We chatted about the idea of “the manchild” and how the Peter Pan Syndrome inspired some of the characters in The Carver. It was so much fun, and there are a lot of other great conversations to check out as the summit continues! There are ghosts, protectors, tortured souls, and many many other creatures to learn about. Read on and dive in with us!

Summit Newsletter 2

Have you ever wondered how an author creates a favorite character?

Do you wish you could ask them why they killed a character or why on earth a character chose to love him instead of the one she should have?

Want to see your authors in action, answering those questions and talking passionately about the characters they create?

Join The Author Insider Summit now to get just that in a series of never-before-seen intimate author interviews.

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