Interview with the Hatter

Hello World,

I finally get to say that THE UNSEEN comes out in about 16 days! I hope you’re all prepared for The World Between! To give you a primer of what’s to come in Wonderland, I invited one of it’s native residents for my next blog interview. His name is Matthew Hadinger (but don’t mistake him for the jolly old man in the Disney cartoon). Let’s hear what he has to say!

Jacob: Welcome to the blog, Mr. Hadinger!

M.H.: Please, call me Matt. The pleasure is all mine, Lore Master.

Jacob: Please, call me Jacob. I like that hat, by the way! Can I ask where you got it? You weren’t at the 4th Avenue Street Fair a few weeks ago, were you? There was a Mad Hatter booth there.

M.H.: Me, 4th Avenue? I’m afraid not, Sir Jacob. Wondertown is one long brilliant boulevard of wonders. We hardly have the room for four, nor do we have the need. We have all the amenities you could ever need in Wondertown. There’s a Starbucks, a castle, an extravagant library, a place for brunch, a shop for boots and jackets and neckties, a boutique to style your eyebrows and your tongue, and of course, a place for hats.

Jacob: Wow! Suddenly 4th Avenue’s shark meat on a stick doesn’t seem so strange to me. What could I expect if I went to Wondertown and set up an appointment with a tongue stylist? I’m curious.

M.H.: It’s remarkably similar to getting a tattoo, only there’s less pain–so I’m told! It confounds the mind that the New World citizens are content with stitching an image on their arm with a needle. What terror!

Jacob: What’s your story, Matt? How long have you lived in Wondertown, and what do you do there? Do you run the hat shop?

M.H.: Oh, no–I’m simply not business-minded. I’ve traveled most corners of the World Between. The plains, the beaches, even the Wondercity. I settled into Wondertown when I met my dearest friend, Alice the Brave. What an adventure we had! If only she were still there to help stitch Wonderland back together. The division, the factions, the violence . . . it was never supposed to be this way. Hearts, Spades, Diamonds, and Clubs used to work together. Now, two of those factions have been eliminated. The Spades and the Hearts are now at war. I serve the Spades.

Jacob: I’m sorry to hear what Wonderland’s become. Where I’m from, we always imagine your world to be filled with singing flowers and dancing mushrooms and such. Doesn’t sound like that’s the case anymore. Do you think there’s any hope that the Hearts and the Spades will work together again?

M.H.: ‘Tis looking bleak. We’re only one battle away from going completely mad.

Jacob: I truly wish you all the best. Maybe you’ll find somebody in Wonderland who can help you through these hard times. You never know when someone might stumble into town.

M.H.: Your hope makes all the difference. (Matt takes off his hat and reaches inside. Everything up to his elbow disappears, and he pulls out a Snickers bar.) I trust you like chocolate?

Jacob: Dude. It’s like you know me.

M.H.: Should you ever stumble down the rabbit hole, come to Wondertown. We throw the best tea parties. Walking balloon animals, musicians, magic, and of course, a healthy dose of wonder.

Jacob: I’ll keep that in mind! Good luck to you, Matt.

Be sure to join the fun in just a couple weeks! I have some giveaways planned, and we have TWO WHOLE DAYS of festivities ahead!

Until next time!

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