Brambles in the Wishing Well

The sequel to ROSES IN THE DRAGON’S DEN–coming soon!

Karina and Charlie Rosas have experienced enough danger to last a lifetime, but with Uncle Diego alive and well, they feel pretty lucky. And since the king and queen of Florindale have sealed away the ruinous Lord Falk and the Wheel of Fortune is safe, the family vacation in Switzerland is back on track! 

But when a pair of otherworldly strangers crash the trip, it’s clear that Falk is pulling strings from within his prison. Old friends are vanishing, and Falk’s minions are determined to hound the twins until he has the Wheel of Fortune. As the Rosas outrun hostile pursuers, the legend of the Wheel spins on. By fate or by accident, Charlie and Karina tumble into the dark heart of a cursed labyrinth that does everything it can to separate them from the Wheel–and from each other. Around every turn, they encounter old threats, new enemies, and a strange underground factory that brings them to question their reality.

With Falk growing stronger and without the sacred protection of familia, Charlie and Karina are becoming more and more like their dauntless tio. They always wished for incredible adventures like his, but maybe their mom was right: People should be careful what they wish for . . .