Are you ready to join the fight against the #taxonkids? Author Case Maynard is here to read you the first chapter of THE SURRENDERED, the hot new release currently climbing the dystopian charts!

about the book:

TheSurrendered3After a financial collapse devastates the United States, the new government imposes a tax on the nation’s most valuable resource—the children.

Surrendered at age ten—after her parents could no longer afford her exorbitant fees—Vee Delancourt has spent six hard years at the Mills, alongside her twin, Oliver. With just a year to freedom, they do what they can to stay off the Master’s radar. But when Vee discovers unspeakable things happening to the younger girls in service, she has no choice but to take a stand—a decision that lands her on the run and outside the fence for the first time since the System robbed her of her liberty.

Vee knows the Master will stop at nothing to prove he holds ultimate authority over the Surrendered. But when he makes a threat that goes beyond what even she considers possible, she accepts the aid of an unlikely group of allies. Problem is, with opposing factions gunning for the one thing that might save them all, Vee must find a way to turn oppression and desperation into hope and determination—or risk failing all the children and the brother she left behind.

Now available!

about the author:

case photo pngWith over 20 years’ experience in the legal and medical fields, Case Maynard decided to trade in her briefs and reports to write the stories that have been floating around in her head since childhood. She lives with her two teenagers and husband in South Georgia, while maintaining a long-distance liaison with her oldest daughter and partner in crime in Alaska. When not writing, she enjoys reading as often as possible, binge watching anything good on Netflix, and all things NCAA football (Go Noles!). You can learn more about Case and her stories on her website.
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Interview at Clocher de Pierre

Hello from the Old World!

I’m sitting at the top of Clocher de Pierre, the gathering place of the Order of the Bell. It rained over night, so today it’s a nice brisk typical fall day out, and I am joined by some of your favorite characters from THE CARVER!

Madame Esme, Pietro Volo, Hansel, Enzo DiLegno, and Rosana Trujillo are here to celebrate this week’s Book Blitz and tell you a little bit about how their lives have changed since their most recent adventure entered print. It’s nice to put my interviewer hat on again! Let’s check in with these goofs and find out what they’ve been up to over the past two months.

Jacob: Hello everyone!

All: *a jumbled mess of “hello”s, “good day”s, and other salutations*

Jacob: It’s good to see you all sitting together! I see you all pretty much every day and put you through a lot of turmoil, but it’s pretty rare that all five of you sit in the same room. Has this ever happened?

Madame Esme: It has not yet come to pass in this reality, but it is foretold that all paths will converge on a day yet to arrive.

Pietro: So this is Madame Esme, huh? You really are as strange as they say…

Madame Esme: Madame Esme thanks you.

Jacob: Oh wow, this is your first time meeting? I’m sure the rest of you need no introduction. Hansel, how are you?

Hansel: Life is sweet as candy, Lore Master! It’s been a whirlwind, to say the least.

Jacob: Really? In what way? What’s been new for you?

Hansel: Oh, you know, before THE CARVER, I was a simple man who hardly existed outside of a brief fairy tale meant for younglings. Now, I walk down the street, and people ask if they can do selflings with me!

Jacob: Selflings? I’m a little lost, is this a Florindale thing that I haven’t written about yet? Can one of you enlighten me?

Esme: Madame Esme knows these too! People approach her with their smart phones–

Hansel: And they freak out, right? “Hey, you’re the bad guy from that book! Let us have a selfling!”

Enzo and Rosana: *together* Oh, selfie! Jinx!

Jacob: Ah, I get you now! So you’re experiencing a bit of star power, huh? That’s awesome!

Hansel: Quite. Until a fair lady sees me on the street, grabs her child, and quickly runs the other way. I hear what they whisper about me. “No, no, child, that’s the bad man!” Only a small handful of people run away. The rest do selflings and seem to be able to separate myth from reality: Hansel in the book world, and real Hansel!

Jacob: Well, it’s really interesting to hear how you’re handling your role as a fictional villain, and how people are responding to that. Pietro, what’s your experience been like?

Pietro: I feel like a movie star, man! Everywhere I go, people are like “OMG IT’S PETER PAN!” I don’t know how Violet could stand it, honestly. I’ve recently started wearing a big fake beard, a baseball cap, a giant hoodie, and aviators when I go out because the paparazzis and the mamarazzis are everywhere.

Enzo: *grinning* Don’t lie, Pietro. You like the attention.

Pietro: *shrugs* Okay, I love the attention. But not at the grocery store! That gets old real fast, because now everyone cares what I’m having for dinner, and I have to go through self check-out because the check-out guy is always commenting like, “Hmmm, Peter Pan likes extra crunchy Skippy peanut butter… why not buy the brand with your name on it?” Have you seen the Peter Pan on Peter Pan peanut butter? He looks like a freaking Christmas elf! That’s why I’m a Skippy guy. Other than that, yeah, life is super chill. I owe ya one, Jay.

Jacob: Shucks, man. Let’s talk to our teenage heroine! How are you, Rosana?

Rosana: I’m well! And can I just say that I love the cover for The Unseen? The world is gonna love it.

Jacob: Thanks! I think you’re right. We still have a long time before we can show it off, but it’ll be worth the wait. Do you wanna tell the world what it’s been like working on the sequel?

Rosana: In a word? Intense. Take all the action and adventure and the dark side of THE CARVER and double it. I’ve never felt such physical or emotional exhaustion before. You’re kind of a relentless author.

Jacob: Ha! I’ll take that as a compliment. If I’m not pushing you to your limits, I’m not doing my job.

Rosana: But it’s paying off, you know. At least, I think so. I really feel like I’m growing in a lot of different ways because of this project.

Jacob: You and I both, my friend. So, now that I have you here, there’s something everyone’s dying to know. It’s about you and our hero sitting next to you…

*Rosana and Enzo share a look*

Jacob: I’ll be blunt: are you two a thing?


Pietro: *leans forward and winks at Enzo, tilting his head toward Rosana*

Enzo: Sorry to disappoint, but we’re not a “thing.” How many successful relationships do you see in THE CARVER?

Jacob: Quite a few, actually. Your parents, Zack’s parents, Snow White and Prince Liam…

Enzo: Okay, let me use Batman as an example. Is Batman in a successful relationship? Or Captain America? Wolverine? We’re all trying to save the New World now. It doesn’t make sense to be in a relationship right now. All the best superheroes are single.

Rosana: Right.

Jacob: Okay, I’ll respect that answer. But this series has to come to an end at some point. Either a bunch of you will die and Queen Avoria will win, or, after a great and terrible struggle, some of you may defeat Queen Avoria and finish the series with your lives. What then? Should readers look forward to the possibility of “Rosenzo?” or “Enzana?”

Rosana: I guess readers will have to read on.

Esme: *singsong voice* I knowwwww!

Jacob: Ha! Okay, one final question for all five of you. In one word, tell me what you look forward to the most about your future in these books. Or what you hope for.

Esme: Mystery.

Pietro: Pizza.

Hansel: Possible redemption? Sorry, that’s two words.

Enzo: Home.

Rosana: Wonderland.

Jacob: Killer answers! Thank you all for–

Rosana: Wait! You have to tell us your one word now.

Jacob: Oh! Ummm… Chaos. I love complicating your lives.

There is a big sale for THE CARVER this week! Be sure to check out Amazon’s deals on paperbacks, Kindle, and audio books. Also, be on the lookout for some fun interviews and blog posts, and be sure to check out Case Maynard’s big release through Blaze this week, THE SURRENDERED!

Fifteen Years Later

Like a lot of paychecks that come just before rent is due, some memories are snuffed out within minutes. I have to make a very conscious effort to remember what I had for breakfast this morning, and if I meet somebody at a party or a gathering, I have to repeat their name at least three times if I want to have any hope of it sticking when I see their face again five minutes later.

Strangely enough, other memories linger and bury themselves in the beehive of the mind. I have this very vivid memory of the day my mom took me to see Batman Forever (which she called “the Jacob movie”) and I thought the movie theater was the most magical place. Two hours later, I woke up during the credits and was incredibly sad that I had missed out on Batman. I remember the first time I saw a tarantula scuttling around the desert, and I don’t think I’ve ever run harder to get away from something. I can also tell you what I had to do for homework exactly fifteen years ago to the day.

The day wasn’t important because of the homework itself, but it’s simply one random detail that I can recall when much heavier things were happening. I learned that morning that on the other side of the country, a plane had hit a building and burst into flames. That’s so sad, I kept thinking. What a scary accident. And then another plane crashed into the other tower of the World Trade Center, and all I could come up with was, That’s such a weird coincidence. A freak accident.

As I sat there in my ten-year-old body that afternoon, listing all the ways that I could describe a chocolate chip cookie using all five senses, my ten-year-old brain was having the most trouble trying to grasp the fact that a plane could crash into a building on purpose . . . that, as my mom, and my friend’s mom, and my teachers gently explained to me, if two planes crash in the same place, it couldn’t be an accident . . . that there was such a horrible idea called terrorism, and that what I was determined to call a “freak accident” was further proof that there is evil in this world.

It was almost too much to wrap my brain around. Why would somebody hijack a plane on purpose and crash it if that means they’ll die too? Why would somebody do this to kill hundreds–thousands of people? Every time I tried to understand it, I’d get frustrated, but eventually, I had to accept it as fact. Terrorists had attacked America. It was a blow to my innocence as a fifth grader who wanted to believe that the world was good, that even some of the abusive people I’d encountered in my own life had to be good people deep down. That was what I used to tell myself to get through my first ten years of life, which weren’t exactly happy-go-lucky. Everything is good.

As of September 11, 2001, everything wasn’t good at all. People lost their lives. People lost loved ones. People lost a sense of safety and security. A family friend was called to New York to search the rubble for bodies. Something terrible had happened, and everything wasn’t good. This was the strangest idea for me to grasp.

But as the ash and smoke cleared over the next few months, stories of strength, bravery, and love came out of the rubble . . . stories of passengers who fought back on United 93 . . . stories of people in the workforce who missed the subway by a minute because they had spent extra time looking for their keys, and then hugged their family a little tighter that night . . . stories of people in the streets offering each other shelter as they ran from the falling debris. Schools paid tribute to the firemen and cops who lent a hand. We wore ribbons and hung our flags. We came together to offer what we could, whether it was thought, prayer, relief funds, or warmth.

And then I realized something that I still believe today: It can be possible for everything not to be good, and yet something will still be good. In other words, I had finally accepted that there was real darkness in the world, but it didn’t mean everything was dark. It meant that the candlelight was brighter and more powerful than I had previously understood. It meant that where there’s a school bully or an abusive presence at home, there is a greater number of people in this world who will rush to shield you or build you up again. It meant that for every hijacker, there are a hundred other people who will come together to keep the plane in the air. It meant that for every ugly comment, ten people say something beautiful.

That’s why fifteen years later, memories can linger, and why it’s important to share stories when this happens. We share stories so that we don’t forget. We share stories so that in times of darkness, we remember where we found that light.


If you’re a book lover or a fall lover, there is so much to get excited about right now.

First of all, it’s September! Here are just a few reasons why I’m so excited about this month:

  • Pumpkin flavored treats make their appearance in the coffee shops again.
  • The Hogwarts Express leaves from the King’s Cross Station.
  • Double-digit temperatures become a regular thing in Tucson again. I may even break out a hoodie…
  • You know how Earth, Wind, and Fire asks if you remember . . . the 21st night of September? Well, I always do, because that’s my birthday😀

And this particular September is full of great things to look out for. A Torch Against the Night recently came out, which I had the pleasure of reading a month in advance when they gave away free ARCs at Comic Con. I can’t express how much I love the Ember in the Ashes series and Sabaa Tahir’s writing style. I hope you get the chance to check it out!

Secondly, the Hogwarts short stories are about to be released into the world! I’ve recently mentioned that I’m feeling the Potter-mania again, and I just finished my reread of The Order of the Phoenix. After I got over my feels when Sirius Black died again (Sirius-ly, how is it that his death hurts even more the second time? Is it just me?), I started questioning why it is that the fifth volume of the series has been my favorite all this time. Ultimately, I decided it’s because it’s the book where the faculty shines. I love McGonagall’s snark and saltiness toward Umbridge. I love Dumbledore’s badassity. I love Flitwick’s subtle presence (also he’s a Ravenclaw!) and the way Trelawney’s importance gets cranked up in the tiniest way. Also, Snape. Enough said. Actually, when all is said and done, Harry Potter is my least favorite character of the Harry Potter series, but the Hogwarts faculty is full of flavor. So, I can’t wait to get my hands on those short stories and learn more about my favorite professors!

So, whatever gets you excited about this month, I hope you get a chance to enjoy it in full. Maybe you’ll get to pull out your hoodie, grab a coffee, and read something amazing. Maybe it’s a good month for a road trip. Maybe you’ll go pick out a Halloween costume. I could definitely use some ideas on that myself this year!

What do you love about September?



Some things I’ve been learning throughout the month of August:

  • The Harry Potter books are even more fun the second time. I’m currently reading Order of the Phoenix again, which is my fave! We knew since The Sorcerer’s Stone that Dumbledore was a badass, but then this book happened. As Kingsley says, “Dumbledore’s got style.”
  • Meditation works wonders for the writer’s brain, and for every other part of the brain, too. If you haven’t tried the Headspace app, give the free trial a go. It’s awesome for stress, for focus, and there are some really fun animations to watch.
  • There’s something incredibly fun about hearing your audiobook for the first time.

Yes, you read that correctly! I’m so excited to say that THE CARVER is now available to listen to on Audible!

Thanks to Blaze and to the vocal talents of Kit Karlyle, all of the characters of The Carver have come to life in roughly eleven hours of audiobook awesomeness, and I have to confess I’m very happy with how it turned out. There are a lot of characters at play in this story. I found myself wondering, how is one man going to do all of these voices? But then I started listening to his rendering of Pietro. And then Hansel. And Rosana. Snow. Liam. The dwarves. Avoria! Bellamy!!! It’s so much fun, honestly.

In the meantime, I’m hard at work on the sequel, and I’m consistently blown away by how well Krystal and the Blaze team understand my vision. We’re about to crank it up and really forge it into the sequel I dreamed of sharing with you. In psychology, there’s this idea of “flow,” where you lose your sense of time and become completely immersed in what you’re doing. It happens when the level of pleasure meets the level of challenge and reward, and I can honestly say that when I’m writing and revising these books, it’s the ultimate flow experience.

One more thing I wanted to share with you this week: check out this amazing banner image! It’s my official “brand” now, and the artist made it even better than what I saw in my head! I’ve always been drawn to stories that start in mundane places, and then branch out into extraordinary worlds. (Think LOST, Kingdom Hearts, the Marvel movies, etc.) This is the image I strive to paint in your head, and I love the image the artist just created for me!


Do what you love, and love what you do! Go find your flow this week🙂


The Ivory Queen

Hello World!

So, THE CARVER has been in the world for about a month now, and if you’ve already finished it, wow, you’re fast! It’s been so fun watching the occasional email come in with questions, kudos to a favorite character, or just a friendly hello. THE CARVER has already surpassed every hope I ever dreamed for it, and I can’t wait to see how far we’ll get to take it!

For those of you who have already finished, I’m so excited to announce that the next part of the story will be available to you as an electronic download beginning on January 10, 2017!!! If you enjoy a good villain, I think you’re going to enjoy this deep dive into the mind of THE IVORY QUEEN!
Inline image 1

THE IVORY QUEEN is a novelette that will serve as the “1.5” of the ORDER OF THE BELL series, bridging a very short gap between THE CARVER and the official sequel, which I’ll have more news about very soon. We’re working on covers and blurbs this very moment!

Just in case you haven’t read THE CARVER yet, I won’t spoil anything by giving you the blurb! But if you’re ready, head on over to Blaze Publishing’s website and check out the full cover and the official blurbs.

Thank you all for your support of this series and I can’t wait for you all to spend some more time with the big bad of Florindale!


The Author Insider Summit

Happy Monday!

This week I want to invite you all to something special that’s taking place throughout the rest of the month of August. The Author Insider Summit is coordinated by author Kris Hack, and it was such an honor to participate in one of her interviews for the summit. We chatted about the idea of “the manchild” and how the Peter Pan Syndrome inspired some of the characters in The Carver. It was so much fun, and there are a lot of other great conversations to check out as the summit continues! There are ghosts, protectors, tortured souls, and many many other creatures to learn about. Read on and dive in with us!

Summit Newsletter 2

Have you ever wondered how an author creates a favorite character?

Do you wish you could ask them why they killed a character or why on earth a character chose to love him instead of the one she should have?

Want to see your authors in action, answering those questions and talking passionately about the characters they create?

Join The Author Insider Summit now to get just that in a series of never-before-seen intimate author interviews.

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Writing Rituals

Happy Sunday from the New World!

A couple of my upcoming projects are in Blaze Publishing’s nurturing hands right now, which means I get to busy myself with something new to hold myself over until revisions begin! I’ve had an Order of the Bell novelette brewing in my head for a very long time now and I couldn’t wait to dive in, especially because a small group of my favorite characters gets to come out and play! Anyone care to guess what the source material is this time?🙂

(Hint: It is NOT New Girl, or Agents of Shield.)

I’ve done a few fun Q&A sessions for The Carver and one of the recurring themes is that people love hearing about writing rituals. It’s a fun point of discussion and it’s been fun to explore the idea as I cultivate my favorite hobby into a growing career.

I’ve found that writing can happen pretty much anywhere for me. The dominant place is usually my living room, especially since I upgraded my desk a couple of months ago and never want to leave it! Seriously, this desk has everything: plenty of room for my Funko Pops, two white boards built in where I hang pictures and write deadlines and ideas, book space, drawers . . . yeah. I love it. But, there’s a reason why I almost always carry a flash drive in my pocket and a notebook in my backpack. Inspiration can strike anywhere. Airports. The post office. On my day job. While driving. As a writer and an introvert, I think the natural inclination is to crave routine and comfort, but I think my favorite ideas have come from branching out and seeking novelty.

But then again, I do have some “constants” in my writing life. As you can probably guess, music is one of them. When my earbuds are in, I can slip anywhere. It’s often when I’m listening to music that the ideas come and I need to make a mad dash to my notebook or my laptop! I also gather all sorts of images and keep them close when I’m writing. Once I have a picture of a person and assign a character’s name to that image, the character becomes that much more real. I am now obligated to tell that person’s story. I acknowledge that I am the biggest jerk in the world if I don’t give that voice a chance to be heard.

Sometimes a certain story or character will introduce a separate ritual of its own. The first novel I ever wrote will probably never see the light of day. In many ways, I consider it my “practice novel,” and it breached some touchy boundaries in my personal life. There was also a therapeutic element to writing it, as the main character was based off a good friend who passed away only weeks before I started writing it. With her in mind, I used to light a candle every time I sat down to write the book. Of course, I had my playlist. I had a picture we took together. The character had a face. And every night when I was done writing, I’d blow out the candle.

I’ve also known people who play a game of Solitaire before they write, some who need their coffee, some who need their wine, and some who copy their favorite passages from writers they love before they sit down and make their own words. Every writer bonds with a different muse. Some are a bit more eccentric. I’ve been fortunate that mine pretty much follows me around wherever I go. Sometimes he sits on my TV. Others, he’s in the backseat of my car. But he’s always whispering, as long as he gets some music throughout the day!

What are some of your writing rituals?🙂

Pietro Volo’s Keys to an Epic Road Trip Playlist

Hello people of the world!

Pietro Volo here, also known as “Peter Pan.” I know you weren’t expecting to hear from me today, but let me explain. Our good pal J-Dev has been super busy signing books, attempting to catch up on Game of Thrones, and word on the street is that he’s already neck deep in the sequel to The Carver. Whaaat? I hope he’ll name the next one after me this time, the obvious star. (Love ya, Pino.)

Anyway, since Jay is doing authorly stuff, and since I had so much fun being interviewed here a couple months ago, I thought I’d jump in the driver’s seat this time. Let’s talk about road trips!

Now, when it comes to road trips, Rule #1 is that you have to have a good playlist. I hate rules, so this is the only one that matters besides, y’know, keeping an eye on your gas tank and paying attention to your bladder.

Below are Pietro Volo’s Five Keys to an epic roadtrip playlist. Click within and get a small glimpse of what the Son of Pinocchio and I jammed to on our adventure across the country.

  1. The playlist shall not be dominated by any one artist or band, no matter how much you love Maroon 5. Mr. Levine may be able to carry a tune, but no man can carry a car for seven hours. Also, would you want to spend seven hours sitting in an ice cream shop when all they have is chocolate? Okay, then.
  2. The playlist shall include a number of powerhouse karaoke songs. I recommend Journey’s Greatest Hits as a starting point. When’s the last time you broke down the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme? If you need more inspiration, the early 1990’s were a gold mine.
  3. The playlist shall include a number of songs without words, such as movie scores and other instrumentals. First of all, you’re going to get tired of your passengers’ terrible karaoke voices. Plus, have you ever zoomed down the highway listening to some badass escape music? Try it. You’ll love it.
  4. The playlist shall fall almost as much as it rises. You’ll probably do some driving in the dark. You’ll go through some boring places where all you’ll see for an hour is like, one windmill. Unless it’s raining, that’s the perfect time to roll down your window and contemplate life. You might even have the best cry ever, not that I have any experience in this area.
  5. The playlist shall be a collaboration. If you’re driving alone, you can do whatever, but if you have passengers, particularly a pair of angsty teenagers named Enzo and Rosana, then don’t be a playlist hog, okay? Share. You might even get feedback before you leave. Ask your friends such as Maira and Josh what they recommend.

I’d like to remind you all to drive safely as you implement your epic road trip playlist. In other words, make sure you stop by your local Starbucks if it’s gonna be a long one, stay alert, and please don’t play Pokemon Go behind the wheel, Kids. Pikachu ain’t worth it.

I gotta fly now, but I promise I’ll be back to hang out with you all again real soon! Until then, put a good word in with J-Dev, will you? I really want his next book to be called The Flying Man, but I still don’t think he’s having it.

Happy driving, and happy listening!

An Ode to Comic Con


Before I launch into this, I want to throw out a hearty THANK YOU to the fantastic bloggers, reviewers, friends, and Twitter enthusiasts who helped spread the word on THE CARVER over the past few days. The initial love and support for this book has been unreal. It got to the point that I couldn’t “like” every Tweet I got tagged in. There were just far too many, and that’s such an amazing thing to be able to say. I’m over the moon with gratitude for you all!

On the side, I may have been spending this whole entire week celebrating in San Diego! I don’t think it’s a secret that I’m a HUGE Marvel/superhero/comic lover, and it was a thrill to journey to the mecca of geekdom for my second year: San Diego Comic Con! YAY!

I have so much to say about this annual event and its special place in my heart. Some people tell me they don’t understand it, and I can’t judge that. From the outside, let’s be real: it sorta looks like a Black Friday sale on steroids. To be fair, there are people who go there and treat it that way. They throw things into bags big enough to carry me and push and shove (and sometimes get thrown out and it’s hilarious), and sometimes they don’t even know what they’re shoving into their bags. I can only speak for my own experiences and understanding, but ultimately, I feel that there’s a very beautiful side to this convention and a reason why I willingly braved the crowds a second time.

I think everybody needs something to believe in and something that they’re passionate about… the sort of thing they can’t outgrow and the sort of thing that grows with them. For me, that’s the culture that we celebrate about SDCC. It’s Marvel and DC and heroes and villains and the actors, writers, illustrators, and filmmakers who bring them to life. At its core, it’s stories. It’s the sort of life force that my mother imbued me with when I was going through chemotherapy almost twenty years ago. Superman would eat all his food; I should, too. Spider-Man would listen to the nurses; I should, too. Wolverine would be brave for the needle; I should, too. That’s where it started for me. Superheroes were role models, and as I grew, I saw the humanity in them and loved them for their flaws. For people who share my affinity for this culture, it means everything to stand in an endless line just to see Star-Lord/Chris Pratt flash the peace sign. It’s a thrill to think of Sabaa Tahir as some literary goddess and yet get to see her as a human who also geeks out over the X-Men.

One interesting thing that I keep remembering: talking to a fellow volunteer who has been doing this for 17 years and learning that at his first SDCC, there were 30,000 attendees. At the very first Con, there were maybe 100. This week, there were 130,000. I keep wondering: if I’m at SDCC in 15 more years, what am I going to be telling all the younglings about my first few Cons?

One thing I’d like to remember is the sense of comaraderie that one feels when you’re surrounded by superfans. This year, I camped out for the first time with the hopes of scoring some autographs from the cast of Arrow. The end result was that I got to spend about 10 seconds chatting with Charlie Hunnam and getting him to sign a poster for a movie I’d never heard of before. I may not remember that conversation in seventeen years, but I’ll definitely remember my first time camping out! I’ll remember how I thought I had such an edge on the other Arrow hopefuls by arriving at 1am. I’ll remember napping on the grass with a bottle of water, a blanket, and a couple of Cliff bars. I’ll remember that for about 9 hours, I was basically best friends with a few people I’ll probably never see again, all because we chose to suffer the #NotHallHLine for the exact same reasons!

Despite all the excitement, my legs feel like Jell-O. My eyes are a little red. I’m broke thanks to the corn dogs again. I’m a little relieved that SDCC is all done for the year and can’t wait to kick back and read my ARC print of A Torch Against the Night. But once my lower body strength returns, I’ll be anxiously awaiting next year’s SDCC!

On that note, who else is having a hard time waiting for the upcoming Harry Potter script book? What’s the “fandom” you geek out the hardest for, and why do you think you’re a fan?

Have a great week, friends!