Hello World! I’m Jacob Devlin: Ravenclaw, cinephile, Comic Con person, and avid ink slinger!


Nothing brings me more joy and meaning than to carve stories that take you into worlds both far and familiar. My mission is to captivate you with vibrant worlds, entertaining characters, lots of warmth for the heart, and just enough darkness to wonder if I’ll break it. Here are some of those stories you can read:

What if your next door neighbor was Peter Pan, and only he could help you find your missing parents? In The Carver, the son of Pinocchio begins an epic adventure to save his family. (YA Fantasy)

The Carver (ebook)

What if kings were clashing in Wonderland, and they were fighting over you? In The Unseen, the daughter of Alice discovers the legacy her mother left behind in a world between. (YA Fantasy)


What if an evil queen invaded New York City, and only you could bring her down? In The Hummingbird, the events of The Carver and The Unseen build to an explosive finale. (YA Fantasy)

The Hummingbird (ebook) (1)

– or –

What if you were on vacation with your estranged uncle, and the train blew you all into another world? In Roses in the Dragon’s Den, two young twins must rescue their uncle from a mythical beast. (MG Epic Fantasy)

Roses in the Dragon's Den final front cover for preview

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