What’s your advice for aspiring writers?

It sounds cliche but seriously, write, write, write! Flex your writing muscles every day. Write a haiku about this morning’s breakfast. Make a list. Copy your favorite book/movie quotes into a journal. Similarly, read, read, read! Cultivate things that inspire you, but don’t wait for inspiration to come. Make lists of your favorite books, songs, TV characters, places, etc. Inspiration is everywhere. Don’t wait for it. Create it. I also highly recommend falling into a good writing community or finding some honest, constructive critique partners with similar goals! If writing is in your heart, don’t give it up.

How do you pronounce the name Crescenzo?

It’s pronounced creh-SHEN-zoh! I get excited about this question because I get to do a mini Italian lesson. The name originates from the Italian verb crescere, which means “to grow”. Crescenzo’s father is Pinocchio, who, as you might recall, had some interesting experiences related to growing… 🙂

And Pietro?

Ha! It’s pee-EHT-troh.

Where did you get the idea for The Carver?

My favorite question! So, a year ago, I was presenting my Masters thesis at the University of Virginia, and my research topic was something called the ‘Peter Pan Syndrome’ in Italian literature. Basically, I had to research books about 30-year-old dudes who still act like they’re children (sort of trying to decide if they want to be boys or men, or if they’re somehow both). Peter Pan kept coming up in this research, and so did Pinocchio! One day I kinda zoned out and suddenly I found myself asking, “But what if Pinocchio did grow up, and have a wife and a son and hobbies and leave his childhood behind? What would that even look like?” I got carried away thinking about this, and soon I had imagined that Peter Pan was his next door neighbor, and he had a son, too! I think Peter Pan would have a harder time adjusting 🙂

Did you ever hear the story of how Michelangelo made the Statue of David? He saw a big block of marble one day, and later, he told people that he had seen a man trapped inside the marble. He carved the statue by “setting him free”, and removing everything that wasn’t a part of David. I learned this around the same time that I was in graduate school, and so I put those two ideas together! What if Pinocchio grew up and had a son, and… what if he became a fantastic woodcarver, just like his father or like Michelangelo?

That idea turned into a short story, and that’s what you see on my blog right now! I never meant to write anything more, but one great friend read the first chapter and said, “You have to write more! What happens next?” A few months later, I had the first draft of a novel full of fairy tale characters, and it’s been my very favorite story to work on. The characters have really grown into my heart and I’m so glad that I get to continue their story with at least two more books planned!


These are questions that have come in through my email (authorjakedevlin@gmail.com) and on my Goodreads page! You can also read my interview with The Crazy Mind here!

(By the way, I love questions! Keep ’em coming and I may post your question on here someday!)