World and Characters

THE ORDER OF THE BELL trilogy mixes our own world with a number of others you may have heard of before. Wonderland is just within reach, but you usually need a mirror to get there. It’s a little tougher to get to Florindale, where most of our characters reside . . . .

There’s a lot going on in Florindale. Fixed in the center is a mysterious bell tower, where the Order of the Bell meets to determine how they’re going to protect the Old World from elevated dangers such as dragons, curses, and evil queens. In this particular series, something from the past catches their attention when a woman shows up in the underground caverns. Strangely enough, a woman has also gone missing from the New World as well.

Need to catch up on who everybody is before you read THE UNSEEN? Download the free Character Glossary! (Warning: major spoilers from THE CARVER!)

OR, are you done with THE UNSEEN and wanting to brush up before THE HUMMINGBIRD? This one will catch you up! (Also major spoilers!)

Find out which member of the Order you most identify with!

Pino / Pinocchio and his figurines – Mohammad Ali Zahid


Peter Pan / Pietro Volo meets Rosana on the Empire State Building – Mohammad Ali Zahid


The Ivory Queen and the King of Hearts – Mohammad Ali Zahid


Floating Island Battle – Alex Gavrilas


Enzo DiLegno – Anna King


Diego Rosas – Brett Arts


Charlie Rosas – Brett Arts


Karina Rosas – Brett Arts


Niraya Storm – Brett Arts


James Hook – Brett Arts


Zid – Brett Arts