“Devlin’s best story-telling yet.” – Kandy, School Librarian

One week before Halloween, Isaac Costa brings home a strange-looking pumpkin he found in a corn maze. It doesn’t take long for him to learn the bizarre truth: He’s actually found an exiled prince named Jack, cursed to take the form of a pumpkin every night until Halloween, when he’ll be stuck forever.

Before she banished him, Nev the Winter Queen gave Jack very specific instructions on how to break his curse. Unfortunately, “finding true love” seems nearly impossible when the queen has only given him one week, and he can’t tell a soul the conditions of his freedom. Plus, Queen Nev isn’t exactly known for playing fairly.

Isaac is determined to help Jack in any way he can, whether it’s through rock n’ roll or ice cream. Secrets will come to light as the boys race the clock toward an explosive Halloween nobody will forget. But will Isaac’s efforts be enough to set Jack free in time?