Stranger than Fiction

Does anybody remember this seriously underrated movie?

To summarize, Emma Thompson is writing a book! Meanwhile, Will Ferrell wakes up in the morning one day and hears a woman narrating his entire life. Plot twist: it’s Emma Thompson, and she’s gonna kill Will Ferrell because she doesn’t know he exists in real life!

Honestly, this movie is so much fun that I can’t help wondering how I would react if one of my characters ever showed up at my doorstep one day. I’d like to think I’ve imagined them down to a T the way Emma Thompson imagined Will Ferrell’s character. (She collapses onto her knees and comments, “Your fingers… your shoes!!!”) So she basically flips out.

If you invested ample time and energy into creating a character or a setting, and then you saw that come to life, what would that do to you?

My prediction: if I ever ran into Pietro Volo, I want to say I’d shake his hand and ask him if he wants to go to Starbucks, but my reaction would probably be a little more like this:

Am I right though?

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