Interview with The Flying Man

I’m so excited, you guys!

Last week I started introducing you all to my characters one-by-one. We started with Crescenzo, the young reluctant hero of The Carver. Today, I want you all to meet his “goofy uncle”, The Flying Man! That’s not his real name, of course. It’s Pietro Volo. You know him better as Peter Pan!

(Oh, and he looks like Chris Pratt, hence the gif!)

I really enjoyed writing this character, mostly because I feel like our “writer/character bond” was almost instantaneous and his personality, dialogue, and “inner world” came pretty naturally to me. What’s Pietro’s story, you ask? Well, you’re in luck, because I’m interviewing him today! What better way to get to know a character than to sit down and hear about them from their own mouths, right? Right. So, let us begin!

Jacob: So, Pietro! Thanks for sitting in on my blog today! I decided we’re gonna do these things Jimmy Fallon style, and you’re my first actual guest. Isn’t that awesome?!

Pietro: Aw, c’mon, Jay! You know I wouldn’t let you down! Also, I was promised pizza. Do we have an ETA on that yet, by the way?

Jacob: Interview first, then pizza. I promise it’ll be quick. So, last week, I told my readers all about Crescenzo–

Pietro: Favorite kid ever. Is he here right now?

Jacob: Not today. Anyway, we’ve been gearing up for release day, and people want to know all about you! I may have told everyone you were one of my favorites.

Pietro: Really?! Shucks, Jay, I’m actually turnin’ a little red here… Wow!

Jacob: Don’t let it go to your head, man. First question! Tell my wonderful readers about your role in The Carver. What’s your part in all of this?

Pietro: Well, I live next door to Crescenzo, and his dad and I are best buds. That makes me like Crescenzo’s fun wacky uncle. And as his fun uncle, I get to take him on this sweet road trip all across the country. You might say that kinda makes me the main character. I’m actually the star.

Jacob: Well, technically, Crescenzo’s the main character. It’s really his show.

Pietro: Uh, rude, Jay. I feel just a little underappreciated. I didn’t argue with you when you called this project The Carver, even though I’m on way more pages than Pinocchio is. You can at least acknowledge that I’m the main dude.

Jacob: *sigh* fine, you’re the star, Pietro.

Pietro: The second star to the right!

Jacob: Yup. So you and Crescenzo go on this road trip together, and we can admit that it turns out to be a ton of fun, doesn’t it? But I want to make sure the readers know it’s not really for a fun purpose. Something forces you out of your homes, and there’s actually something really dangerous underlying that road trip. Do you wanna share a little more?

Pietro: How much more can I say? I’m afraid I’ll reveal too much and you’ll get all cranky and hog the pizza…

Jacob: Well, what’s the main goal of the road trip? Why do you and Enzo leave home all of a sudden?

Pietro: We’re looking for our families. It’s sad, really. Growing up was supposed to be fun, but in the end all I really got out of it was bills. And I love my family of course, but do you know how much I blame myself for the day they vanished? Sometimes I think I should’ve just stayed young.

Jacob: So why did you grow up? I think that’s what people really want to know. You were the boy who was going to stay young forever. Now you’re what? Like thirty-five years old?

Pietro: And counting. I probably shouldn’t tell everyone how I grew up, but the why had a lot to do with a certain girl in my life. Now I’m in this boring office job, my blood type is caffeine, and I have to pretend to care about politics every four years. Deep down, though, I love this new life. I love video games and shopping for Nikes and driving my truck!

Jacob: Driving! That was the other thing I wanted to ask you about. I wondered how you really felt about driving. It must’ve been a weird adjustment, considering you can fly and all.

Pietro: Adjustment? Nahhh! It’s so much easier than flying, and yet this world makes people wait until they’re sixteen. All you have to do is sit there. You just sit there. Flying is hard! I saw so many flying accidents in Neverland, Jay. It was sad. But it was always because someone wasn’t being careful, smuggling rum from Captain Hook or something… good thing there aren’t any cell phones in Neverland.

Jacob: Oh, just you wait, my friend! You and I still have a couple more books together–assuming you live through them all–and I would love to shake things up in Neverland. Thanks for the great idea! *writes on a legal pad* Cell phones in Neverland…

Pietro: Oh, no. What have I done…?

Jacob: Pizza’s here! Pietro, thanks so much for being a guest on my blog today. Will you come back to hang out again soon?

Pietro: *mouth full* Duh! I love these people!

Jacob: And they’re gonna love you, Peter! Can’t wait for the big road trip!

So, gotta fly! (See what I did there?) But next week is another week, and I’ll be inviting you to meet another character. I think I’ll introduce you to The Carver himself: Pino(cchio) DiLegno! If you have any questions you’re dying to ask Pinocchio, send them my way!

Have a fantastic week, everybody!

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