The Girl in the Red Hood

Happy weekend, friends!

I’m beyond thrilled that Blaze Publishing released the first teaser for The Carver this past week! What do you all think? Does it make you hungry?

You all are going to love Pietro! But of course, I hope you come to love everyone in The Carver’s world(s), and that’s why I’m happy to introduce THE GIRL IN THE RED HOOD today! She’s “shrouded” in a bit of a mystery, so it didn’t really come as a shock to me when I found out she couldn’t meet up for an interview. My request didn’t go ignored though! I received this letter from her in response. She granted me permission to share it with you, which is fortunate because it was addressed for you.

Dear Readers of Jacob/Mr. Devlin (not sure what he prefers?)’s Blog,

Thank you so very much for thinking of me and inviting me to talk to you all. I’m sorry I can’t be there today since I’m traveling, but I’m truly so excited for The Carver and glad I have a chance to help promote it. I never dreamed that somebody would bring my story to life someday. At first, it made me a little mad. It’s just that I’m a very private, introverted person. I don’t like the idea of the limelight, or of having people look at me. I’m a wallflower.

But then I really took to the idea. It’s grown on me to the point that my heart is full. This has been an eventful and formative time in my life. These are the days I will always remember, no matter where I am when this journey is over. If my story can bring joy, understanding, appreciation, comfort, or even a few hours of entertainment to just one person out there, I’ll be happy. I know there have been many times when I could’ve used the comfort myself. I’ve grown up without a father. My mother is still on a Missing poster plastered all over New York. I’ve been in pain. But some wonderful things blossomed from that. If you follow along, I hope you’ll see what I’ve gained.

I know that doesn’t tell you much about me, but as I said, I’m pretty reserved. I emailed Mr. Devlin and asked if there’s anything else I can talk about in this letter, and we decided to do some word association for fun. He picked out eight (very random) words for me, so here we go…

  • Red Hood: Used to be my mom’s. Isn’t there also a Batman villain named Red Hood?
  • Prince: Aw, RIP 😦 Mr. Devlin, I’m not sure if you wanted me to talk about Liam instead, but I was seriously heartbroken when I heard about the singer. Liam’s great too though, I guess. He’s also very dreamy. He doesn’t read these, does he?
  • Snow: Not my friend. The cold white stuff, I mean. Not the princess.
  • Stick: Fried macaroni and cheese. Long story.
  • Gingerbread: Never eaten it before, but I never thought of it the same way after I watched Shrek.
  • Jabberwocky: No clue what that is. Sorry.
  • Mirror: Don’t remind me.
  • Crush: Soda. I know you’re trying to get me to mention a certain person’s name, but there’s nothing to talk about there.

And that’s me. Maybe someday when things calm down, I’ll come back and visit in person. I can’t wait to meet you all.

Love always,

Rosana ❤

(FYI, Rosana does not have a tattoo. I just liked this random image from the Creative Commons…)

Next weekend, we’re going to do the most exciting introduction yet, because for the first time, we’re meeting somebody who currently lives in another world! You know his name. You’ve seen Jeremy Renner play him in a movie, and next week, he’s going to tell you all about his life! Come back next weekend to meet Hansel!

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