Pietro Volo’s Keys to an Epic Road Trip Playlist

Hello people of the world!

Pietro Volo here, also known as “Peter Pan.” I know you weren’t expecting to hear from me today, but let me explain. Our good pal J-Dev has been super busy signing books, attempting to catch up on Game of Thrones, and word on the street is that he’s already neck deep in the sequel to The Carver. Whaaat? I hope he’ll name the next one after me this time, the obvious star. (Love ya, Pino.)

Anyway, since Jay is doing authorly stuff, and since I had so much fun being interviewed here a couple months ago, I thought I’d jump in the driver’s seat this time. Let’s talk about road trips!

Now, when it comes to road trips, Rule #1 is that you have to have a good playlist. I hate rules, so this is the only one that matters besides, y’know, keeping an eye on your gas tank and paying attention to your bladder.

Below are Pietro Volo’s Five Keys to an epic roadtrip playlist. Click within and get a small glimpse of what the Son of Pinocchio and I jammed to on our adventure across the country.

  1. The playlist shall not be dominated by any one artist or band, no matter how much you love Maroon 5. Mr. Levine may be able to carry a tune, but no man can carry a car for seven hours. Also, would you want to spend seven hours sitting in an ice cream shop when all they have is chocolate? Okay, then.
  2. The playlist shall include a number of powerhouse karaoke songs. I recommend Journey’s Greatest Hits as a starting point. When’s the last time you broke down the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme? If you need more inspiration, the early 1990’s were a gold mine.
  3. The playlist shall include a number of songs without words, such as movie scores and other instrumentals. First of all, you’re going to get tired of your passengers’ terrible karaoke voices. Plus, have you ever zoomed down the highway listening to some badass escape music? Try it. You’ll love it.
  4. The playlist shall fall almost as much as it rises. You’ll probably do some driving in the dark. You’ll go through some boring places where all you’ll see for an hour is like, one windmill. Unless it’s raining, that’s the perfect time to roll down your window and contemplate life. You might even have the best cry ever, not that I have any experience in this area.
  5. The playlist shall be a collaboration. If you’re driving alone, you can do whatever, but if you have passengers, particularly a pair of angsty teenagers named Enzo and Rosana, then don’t be a playlist hog, okay? Share. You might even get feedback before you leave. Ask your friends such as Maira and Josh what they recommend.

I’d like to remind you all to drive safely as you implement your epic road trip playlist. In other words, make sure you stop by your local Starbucks if it’s gonna be a long one, stay alert, and please don’t play Pokemon Go behind the wheel, Kids. Pikachu ain’t worth it.

I gotta fly now, but I promise I’ll be back to hang out with you all again real soon! Until then, put a good word in with J-Dev, will you? I really want his next book to be called The Flying Man, but I still don’t think he’s having it.

Happy driving, and happy listening!

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