YASH is Coming!

Happy October, friends!

Did anyone else wake up feeling like Jack Skellington when he rises from his little pool?

I, for one, love this month just as much as I love September. I can’t wait to break out my brown leather jacket again, throw some hot chocolate on my Keurig and sip it all cozy on my couch, maybe the new Magnus Chase book in my hand or watching Luke Cage on Netflix… and then there’s the thrill of choosing a Halloween costume! I haven’t dressed up in a couple years, but I’m in the spirit this year. We’ll see what calls to me!

Here’s another reason to love October: From 10/4-10/9, I’ll be participating in my first YA Scavenger Hunt, and if you play along, it’s better than trick or treating! 120 authors come together on a massive blog tour, and I will be one of twenty on the ORANGE TEAM.


I’ve chosen some fun bonus content for you to access somewhere in the interwebs, and it will only be accessible to those who play the hunt. You’ll get to know my characters and thought process a little better, and if you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the cover to BOOK TWO of THE ORDER OF THE BELL!

So, Tuesday morning, come on back here and kick off a brand new road trip through the world of YA lit! I’m hosting a very special author during the hunt, and if you play along, you’ll find me and that cover clue hiding on another blog somewhere! Better yet, you can even win prizes! I’m giving away some good ones…

Let the festivities begin!


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