The Unseen v. 2.0: Cover #2!

I had an exciting challenge writing THE UNSEEN.

In addition to the fact that I’d never written a sequel before and needed to raise the stakes, my biggest challenge had to do with the setting and tone of the book. While the first book takes place in an original town filled with familiar characters, book two is set primarily in a place we’ve all heard of: Wonderland!

Playing with a familiar territory is even scarier than playing in uncharted waters. The struggle an author faces is: How do I do something brand new while also being faithful to what Wonderland represents? Whimsy, madness, a little darkness, wonder . . .

So it makes me so happy to see that this new cover captures all of that beautifully!


I think this one, like the first cover, really does a great job of capturing the soul of this series. I look at this and I can clearly imagine Enzo and Rosana’s arrival in Wondertown, the epic struggle in the plains, and for the first time on a cover, we’re getting a symbol for Clocher de Pierre, the bell tower itself!

And how ’bout that little silhouette of the King of Hearts staring out at us from underneath? Yikes . . . that guy’s trouble.

As promised, I’m going to give out the first set of character cards to someone who shared the first cover, and this time I need to congratulate Jeanette Neff! Congrats Jeanette!

I’ll give you all another shot this week if you didn’t win! This time all you have to do is enter THIS RAFFLECOPTER, and Lady Fortune will do the rest!

What do you think of the cover?! What do you think we’ll see on the third and final reveal next Tuesday for THE HUMMINGBIRD?

Happy reading, book lovers!

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