I made a Butterbeer Latte…

… and it was fantastic.

So it’s butter, brown sugar, milk, vanilla extract, and cinnamon, and a whole lot of yum. I think JK Rowling and the late great Alan Rickman would give their stamps of approval, once they get through the thin film of caramel that congeals on the surface if you let it cool for too long… (I love my Arrow mug, by the way. If I weren’t Jacob Devlin, I would want to be Oliver Queen.)

Also, it’s Super Bowl Sunday! I only really care about this because A) my family goes all out with food and snackage B) it’s Sunday and C) I love the Doritos commercials. Which commercial are you rooting for today? 😀

Somehow, when I think of big football games, I think of that song Sandstorm that they always play at raves and stuff. Here is an even cooler version of that song for you, which you can blast in your earbuds as you get work done this week. Because so many things are better with badass violins players.

Happy Sunday!

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