2020: The Year of STEADY

2019 was the year of BOLD, and I’ve finally chosen my word for 2020: STEADY.

My top Gallup strength is “Achiever,” so I feel my best when I’m crossing off a checklist item or hitting a goal. I have this hyperactive compulsion to spin a lot of plates, and when my hands are full, I try to run with them. I accept that this is my nature, but this year I got so ambitious that I almost sacrificed my financial health for it.

Candidly, self-publishing is expensive. Cover art. Editing. Formatting. Table fees. Travel. Marketing. People assume authors are all rich, when in fact I’m astounded if I break even on any given project. I continue because it fills my heart, not my wallet. But for 2020, I was preparing to dive into TWO publications I couldn’t afford to produce, rush into Ph.D applications I wasn’t ready for, and potentially become a homeowner all at once. And with the rest of my time, keep working, grant wishes for Make A Wish, write another book for 2021, and more. Somewhere down the line, I knew a plate was going to fall. I wanted to do everything full force, but I hadn’t thought through everything all the way.

So the year of STEADY is about starting with one book at a time, one class at a time, one wish at a time, and really thinking critically about my work load before I dial it up in any area. This means I have dropped my summer release and postponed Niraya Storm for a while so I can focus wholeheartedly on the second ROSES book. This means I AM going back to school, but as a non-degree seeking student taking one class at a time. Maybe this eventually leads to a Ph.D, or a new book series, or even something I never saw coming. I really do remain optimistic. But this year will be about learning wholeheartedly, being present, and celebrating victories.

And that absolutely includes doing an excellent job with BRAMBLES IN THE WISHING WELL. 😀 The candid truth is that 2020 is going to determine whether I continue publishing. There is a chance that BRAMBLES will be the last book that I’m financially capable of producing, at least for a few years. It certainly isn’t the last one that I’ll write, because writing is baked into my bones, but there may come a time for me to hit pause. Part of being STEADY is being okay with taking things slow… knowing that slow progress is still progress, and knowing that what’s meant to be will be! 🙂

Do you have a word of the year set for 2020? If so, share your goals so we can cheer you on!

Cheers to you and to a new year around the corner!

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