Dragons and Dark Things and Familia

Happy February, all!

I hope 2020 is treating you well. I’m excited to be going back to school (still keeping STEADY with one class at a time!) and enjoying a new book series, if you can call The Wheel of Time new at all…

Today I’m writing to ask for a favor. If you can spare a donation or even a share, a tap in the right direction will help BRAMBLES IN THE WISHING WELL reach its potential to be great. I’m very passionate about this novel in progress because ROSES IN THE DRAGON’S DEN is in the running for a second award. Today, I learned that it is a finalist for the Wishing Shelf, an international contest that runs in the U.K. My dragons and dark things and tale about familia are getting international attention, but it could still use a little tap to sustain the cost of production for the Roses series.

So, I’ve launched an IndieGoGo campaign for the sequel.

Cover art is actually slated to begin next month for this book, and it’s a major factor in the cost of production. In August, edits will come, and that tends to be the highest cost. Then, formatting happens in December. The reality is that if this project doesn’t see a good ROI and at least break even, it may be a while before I can turn my attention to the next project (NIRAYA STORM, looking at you!) So I ask for those who believe in this story to help me get the word out and pool the resources of our community. I have some great perks involved–signed copies, prints, even the chance to get your name in the book…

The campaign is open until the end of the month, so please share widely!

Hugs and happy reading,

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