Coming Soon: A Thousand Dreadful Curses

Hey all!

Happy almost Fall! Trust that I’m over here doing everything I can to manifest the best of the four seasons. (I know, I know, September 22 or whatever.) My favorite jackets are ready to go on my computer chair, I tried one of those new Apple Crisp Macchiatos, and I’m watching the weather app like a hawk waiting for Tucson to get out of this 100+ degree heat.

Oh, and I wrote a whole novel that takes place the week leading up to Halloween. That’s how deeply I’ve committed to this. XD

Cover conversations are happening, editing is just about done, and I can’t wait to introduce you to a brand new setting and cast of characters! That being said, it is very loosely related to CARVER and ROSES and there will be Easter eggs for those of you who have been following my little universe from the beginning. Or, you can simply jump in, and you won’t feel like you’ve missed a thing!

A THOUSAND DREADFUL CURSES is a love letter to the “spooky-lite” genre of entertainment that I loved so deeply growing up, and still enjoy. Remember the days when that first breath of autumn would arrive, and you’d come home from school and Disney or what-used-to-be-ABC-Family would start advertising their marathons featuring Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, Phantom of the Megaplex, maybe some Harry Potter here and there? I look back on those days so fondly.

I also took deep inspiration from Italo Calvino’s RAGAZZA MELA, or APPLE GIRL, which is a shorted and twisted little folktale that originated in Florence. In just about 3 pages, there’s a beautiful princess and a dashing prince, an evil queen, an enchanted apple, jealousy, and just a little bit of blood.

Except that I wanted to do this my way. With pumpkins and familia and LGBTQ+ characters. There aren’t enough middle grade books that tie all three of these things together, so I made one myself! Here is the blurb for A THOUSAND DREADFUL CURSES:

One week before Halloween, Isaac Costa brings home a strange-looking pumpkin he found in a corn maze. It doesn’t take long for him to learn the bizarre truth: He’s actually found an exiled prince named Jack, cursed to take the form of a pumpkin every night until Halloween, when he’ll be stuck forever.

Before she banished him, Nev the Winter Queen gave Jack very specific instructions on how to break his curse. Unfortunately, “finding true love” seems nearly impossible when the queen has only given him one week, and he can’t tell a soul the conditions of his freedom. Plus, Queen Nev isn’t exactly known for playing fairly.

Isaac is determined to help Jack in any way he can, whether it’s through rock n’ roll or ice cream. Secrets will come to light as the boys race the clock toward an explosive Halloween nobody will forget. But will Isaac’s efforts be enough to set Jack free in time?

You can add the book on Goodreads here, and watch for a preview to come soon!

Also, are you near Yuma, AZ? Come see me at YumaCon on October 2-3! I’ll have books AND art prints this time, and if I may say, I’m VERY excited about my new cosplay outfit… just make sure to vaxx up and protect yourself so we can fully enjoy. 🙂


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