A DREADFUL Halloween

Dear Friends,

What’s your favorite thing about Halloween season?

I can’t say I have a tradition, but I’ve always looked forward to this time of year. When I was little, it was ALL about dressing up and becoming my heroes! I remember being Batman one year, the Riddler a few years later, and there have been many years where I recycled a pirate costume. This year, I’m looking for any excuse to keep using the WandaVision costume I pieced together for YumaCon! All I can say is, “She recast Pietro?” (Again?)

Maybe you carve or paint pumpkins? Scoop out all the goo and toast the seeds?

I’m not a huge fan of scary movies, but for years, I loved watching the Disney Channel Halloween marathons. Usually they’d usually show some originals like Phantom of the Megaplex, Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire, Halloweentown, and of course, Hocus Pocus! I’d grab some snacks, get all cozy, and watch all the good stuff. It was in this spirit that I wrote A THOUSAND DREADFUL CURSES.

“Devlin’s best story-telling yet.” – Kandy, School Librarian

This story is so important to me for many reasons. In addition to the Halloween aspect, I wanted to release this story close to National Coming Out Week, which starts today! A Thousand Dreadful Curses isn’t necessarily a coming out story. However it does feature two gay protagonists, and there is some musing about what this means for each of them in the worlds they grow up in. I feel that middle grade literature needs more LGBTQ+ representation, and those doors are beginning to open. And I sincerely hope that readers of any orientation, age, race, or gender will find some comfort and joy in the message woven into A THOUSAND DREADFUL CURSES. Click on the cover below to learn more and purchase on Kindle or Paperback!

Until next time, I wish you so much happiness and many good stories to fill your minds and hearts!

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Happy Reading,

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