Beginning Soon on Kindle Vella: GODFATHER DEATH, M.D.

I feel like there are two different kinds of people.

The first person binge-watches the newest season of STRANGER THINGS in a single weekend. There are snacks involved. On a scale of 1-10, you gave the experience an Eleven.

The second person watched THE LAST OF US every Sunday night for nine weeks. You realized that this was a magical time in your life. The Sunday blues fell away. You were untouchable on Sunday. You talked about it with your buddies on Monday and Tuesday. Then on Friday and Saturday, you were like “OMG, it’s almost Sunday.”

I grew up in the 90’s, so the plot twist is that I am both people.

That’s why I’m attempting to go all serial on my next project! Join me, won’t you?

GODFATHER DEATH, M.D. is my return to YA after a long detour through the Middle Grade realm. (IMPORTANT: This is firmly rooted in the YA camp. It doesn’t even straddle the middle grade line, like The Carver occasionally did. Content warnings include strong language, mention of death/dying, and the emotional realities of grief. You’ll know within about 2-3 chapters if it won’t work for you. I’m not here to do “shock value” or ruin your day for no reason, and, given the subject matter, I still recommend reading with care.) I’m not giving up on Middle Grade, just as I never gave up on YA! Again, I am both people.

This is also another modern spin on an old fairy tale. I highly recommend checking out the lesser known original. It’ll take you five minutes or less!

You can read the synopsis here:

People whisper that death follows Daniel Grimm everywhere. They even call him The Grimm Reaper.

Then on the ten-year anniversary of the tragedy that shattered Daniel’s family, Dr. Miguel Mortiz–his estranged godfather–reappears. Miguel is one of the few people alive who can understand Daniel’s grief. After all, no one grasps pain better than a healer. So why does Aunt Cass warn him to stay away from Miguel?

He longs to understand, but some secrets are probably better off left in the graveyard.

I chose Kindle Vella as the first home for this because there are pieces of this story that flowed more like TV in my head. This will be told in 3 “arcs.” The first feels like a family drama with a hint of mystery. The second part feels like a sitcom slowly going up in flames. The third… well, by the time you get there, you’ll know. 😉 So a serial format is perfect for the vibe! Beginning this summer, you’ll be able to find weekly installments of GODFATHER DEATH, M.D. on Kindle Vella. Some weeks I may post one chapter. Some weeks, I may post 2 or 3. But you’ll never go hungry. 70% of the story has already been written, and I’ll probably be finished by the time I finish posting the first third!

But, if you’re Person #1–the one who binges the entire experience, then wants to collect a hard copy and display it on the shelf, I’ve got you covered! I do need to wait until the full novel has been living on Vella for at least 30 days, but there are already winter plans in place with a cover artist and formatter–the magical Molly Phipps of “We’ve Got You Covered”!

If you’re already intrigued and want to get a feel for the vibe, feel free to poke around my vision board or my Spotify playlist! Both are constantly evolving.

So, are you a binge-reader, or will you be tuning in weekly and savoring the suspense? 😉

Are, are you both people?

Until then,

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